Teen Martial Arts Classes In Teddington

Help Your Child Develop Discipline And Respect In Our Teen Martial Arts Classes

The teenage years can be tough. With so many distractions and emotional challenges in your teen's life, it can be easy for them to get off track. 

That's where we come in.

Our Teen Martial Arts program at Clarke Academy of Martial Arts Teddington relies on the traditions of martial arts training to offer students improved discipline and an exciting way to stay physically active. We're helping teens 13 and older all across Teddington find success. No prior experience is required!

Our Teen Martial Arts Classes Make Fitness Fun

When was the last time your child looked forward to working out? The truth is, there aren't a lot of opportunities for students to truly have fun staying active.

But in our Teen Martial Arts Classes, that's exactly what we offer. The art of Choi Kwang Do promotes important physical tools like:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • and Coordination

PLUS, it also instills in your child the mental confidence to overcome a challenge AND a core set of self defence skills in the event of a real-world threat. 

Set Your Teen Up For A Lifetime Of Success 

In a few short years, your teen will be making important decisions about their careers and adulthood. Equip them with the life skills to make sound decisions and find success even in the most challenging situations.

Our Teen Martial Arts Classes in Teddington can help your child at home, in the classroom, and even into adulthood.

At Clarke Academy of Martial Arts Teddington, we're building:

  • Respect and discipline
  • Focus and attention to detail
  • Unwavering self-confidence
  • Perseverance and dedication

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