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Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

I joined Clarke's Academy of Martial Arts in September 2019.

As soon as I went to my first, free trial I knew it was for me.

Mr Clarke, the teacher, is excellent. 

He is very patient and made me, as a 55 year old woman, feel comfortable.

It is a friendly class and I felt part of it immediately.


Since I started I have lost weight and gained fitness and confidence. And I have learned to protect myself too.

I intend to get a black belt and I know under Mr. Clarke's instruction, that I shall get it.

I go 4 times a week as I want to achieve that aim as fast as I can plus I thoroughly enjoy going and have made some new friends.

I love it!


Choi Kwang Do is a martial art for all ages and genders 

I highly recommend it to all.


Pil Seung as we say in Choi Kwang Do!



Wendi B

Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

Me and my partner have been training with Mr Clarke 3-4 times per week for the past couple of months. The class has a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere and welcomes all abilities ( we were complete amateurs ;-) ). Whether you want to “get fit”, lose weight (my partner has lost over a stone) or learn a new skill, you’ll have the benefit of great advice from a highly qualified instructor!!! Pil-Seung!

Mrs Park

Kids Martial Arts near Teddington
I joined The Clarke School of Choi kwang do just before Christmas. I hadn't done any physical activity for over 10 years so was a little apprehensive. I needn't have been. I love it. The classes are friendly and welcoming with a wide range of abilities and ages. Mr Clarke is a great teacher, professional,  friendly and knowledgeable. I've already seen a noticeable improvement in a muscular problem I had been suffering for a long time which I think is due to the yoga based stretching and my cardio ability is better. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for help with body conditioning,  weight control, memory improvement and self confidence...and its FUN! WIN WIN!

Clare H

Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

My 4 year old son started at Clarke school of Choi Kwang Do just 2 months ago and he absolutely loves it. His confidence has grown massively in just 2 months. Niki is amazing with the little dragons and has a huge amount of patience with them. Niki tailors the training for the children he is teaching, he recognises that the children are progressing at different levels and gives them some responsibilities to make them feel valued. Niki's assisting instructor, Fatima, is great with the little ones too and really makes them feel at ease.
Niki and Fatima are both very friendly and approachable and I am glad I found such a great school for my son to not just learn martial arts but to build up his confidence, discipline and social skills too.

Nina S

Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

Niki and his team work so hard to build the students up, teach them to be proud of themselves and to understand the value of working hard and sticking at something. My 8 year old son has always struggled with his confidence and starting Choi Kwang Do at the school has had a massive positive impact on him and has helped him work through his emotions more. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Ali D

Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

My 11 year old son started Choi Kwang Do classes last September and these classes are now the highlight of his week. His confidence has grown significantly since starting, as has his general physical strength. Friendly tuition supporting clearly defined objectives results in a fun, yet focussed class. The flexibility to attend any two sessions a week  means that there is negligible impact on other family commitments. I highly recommend coming along for a trial session.

Claire M

Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

I am so happy to train with Mr Niki:) Adult classes are great, I learn new techniques all the time.
Mr Niki is an amazing instructor, very patient, kind and professional. Every time I can see progress in my fitness and technique.
And people who are training with you are fantastic!:)

Joanna M

Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

My daughter started the little dragon's class just after she turned 4. She is quite shy and often the only girl in the class. Niki and Fatima make all of the children feel comfortable and train at their pace. They are extremely patient and understanding. Attending CKD has made my daughter more confident and is also a great form of exercise and discipline. She is now about to turn 5 and still loves her Wednesday class.

Beth P

Kids Martial Arts near Teddington
My 15 year old son has been training with this martial arts school for over a year and he absolutely loves it. I’ve seen a real boost in his confidence and it has even made him focus more with his school work. Highly recommended! Really friendly people and school!

Jemma CG

Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

My six-year old son absolutely loves the Little Dragons class, a great combination of focused technique building and fun games - would definitely recommend!

Sakura R

Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

I have been training here for just over 2 months now. I attend and adult evening class 3 days a week and I can honesty say I see a change in my physical appearance, I feel more flexible, I love it here!

Everyone welcomed me straight away, there is a great sense of community spirit. Mr Clarke is a fantastic teacher, I picked up techniques very fast with his clear and simplified explanations. I highly recommend Clarke School of Choi Kwang Do if you are looking for a new skill and to meet people.


Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

My objective this year was to work on my fitness, learn new skills and make new friends. I have gained all three by attending adult classes four times a week at Clarke School of Choi Kwang Do.

The ‘Sabumnim’ (Korean for teacher) is friendly, clear with his instructions and patient. My coordination can be all over the place sometimes!

My fitness has improved, I have much more stamina and can genuinely feel myself getting stronger each day, which is really motivating!

The students that attend from children to senior all have a sense of community spirit and are all friendly and happy to help.

If your looking for change and improvement it all starts here!

”Pil Seung!”





Kids Martial Arts near Teddington

Great adult classes, great instructor, great people, learning loads, looking forward to progressing!!!

Nigel S

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