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Clarke Academy of Martial Arts Teddington

Family Friendly Martial Arts Training

Welcome to Clarke Academy of Martial Arts Teddington, where we're offering high-quality martial arts training for men and women of all ages and abilities. Our system is built around the renowned Choi Kwang Do discipline, which offers easy-to-learn self defence skills and challenges your body to be stronger and fitter than ever before. Our team is proud to offer cutting-edge Kids and Teen classes as well as an effective adult class and an exciting family program. We truly have something for everyone. Join us in Teddington today and see it all for yourself. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started now!

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This weekly class is one of the absolute highlights of my week. It keeps me fit, physically and emotionally. It’s a brilliant exercise experience for people of all abilities. And a great social experience too: everyone is really friendly and supportive, and you can meet people of all ages.

You can progress through the belts even if you’ve no experience, or no natural talent for sport, because you’ll get all the support to make sure you can learn, and the structure of the classes is a big help to enable constant progression.

You can take it as seriously as you want, too. For some people it’s a way of life, in which case you can train many times a week and add in tournaments; for others it’s just an hour a week. And that’s all fine. You can take it at your own pace.

A great class with tonnes of energy, talent, and the feeling of a supportive family.
Highly recommend!

Caroline Wren

I go to sessions every week with pleasure and excitement at the Clarke Academy of Martial Arts Teddington, which I have been attending for more than 2 years. The atmosphere of friendship in the club, the harmony of the participants, and the respect and dedication of the instructors motivate me. I'm making new friends and staying fit while learning the art of self-defense, it's great ! The professionalism, sincere approach and quality training of our instructors enable us to get maximum benefit from each session. I definitely recommend it.
Pil seung!

Mr Can Arig

Both my son and I are students at Mr. Clarke's school of Choi Kwang Do for more than a year. I could not recommend this school enough, it teaches both adults, teenagers and children, extremely useful tools that everyone needs to go well through life: Humility, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Unbreakable spirit. It's a really great practice where both teachers and students work together harmoniously for everyone's development. It is a school with a great sense of honour and merit! Mr. Clarke is a true gentleman, a man of honour and very gentle with his students. Top job!

Jõaõ Rodrigues

Been attending Choi with Clarke academy for around 11 months. I absolutely love this, for fitness it is brilliant and something different from the gym. But for me it is also only for self defence and this has taught me so much. Ita so exciting that one day, I could actually be a black belt.
My teacher/Ma'am is outstanding and has so much patience.
Definitely something I'm glad I've started.

Sally Jacks TV Mum

I joined Clarke's Academy of Martial Arts in September 2019.

As soon as I went to my first, free trial I knew it was for me.

Mr Clarke, the teacher, is excellent. 

He is very patient and made me, as a 55 year old woman, feel comfortable.

It is a friendly class and I felt part of it immediately.


Since I started I have lost weight and gained fitness and confidence. And I have learned to protect myself too.

I intend to get a black belt and I know under Mr. Clarke's instruction, that I shall get it.

I go 4 times a week as I want to achieve that aim as fast as I can plus I thoroughly enjoy going and have made some new friends.

I love it!


Choi Kwang Do is a martial art for all ages and genders 

I highly recommend it to all.


Pil Seung as we say in Choi Kwang Do!



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Wendi B

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