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  • NEWS! Four Black Belts Awarded to our Junior and Teen students!

    NEWS! Four Black Belts Awarded to our Junior and Teen students!

    We are absolutely thrilled to announce the results from our recent Black Belt Grading. These are four very determined students from our junior and teen/adult program that went through a very difficult exam and have done so well to receive the result that they all passed and achieved their Black Belts They are all “White Belts that simply never gave up” and have earned the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt Charlie also made school history by being the youngest ever to achieve his at only 8 years old We are very proud of you all well done. Black Belt is just the beginning!! Pil seung #martialarts #selfdefence ....

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  • Teddington Martial Arts Instructor Team

    Teddington Martial Arts Instructor Team

    We are pleased to introduce part of our awesome instructor team for our Teddington and Shepperton classes. Mr Clarke-Greenfield, Jack and Sarah-Jane are all very skilled and passionate about teaching new members how to learn Choi Kwang Do within our children and adult classes Contact us now for a free trial class to start your journey towards Black Belt Pil seung! #martialarts #selfdefence #ckd #teddington #shepperton ....

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  • World Choi Kwang Do Day 2021

    Happy World Choi Kwang Do Day 2nd March 2021! From Mr Clarke and everyone at Teddington & Shepperton CKDπŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡°πŸ‡·πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» #ckdworldday #diamundialckd #martialarts #teddington #shepperton #celebration #pilseung #selfdefence #karateclass ....

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  • Grand Master Choi at Choi Kwang Do Summer Workshop UK 2019

    Grand Master Choi at Choi Kwang Do Summer Workshop UK 2019

    A journey into Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi’s ‘Choi Kwang Do’ Martial Art... This summer was a mind blowing moment being able to attend not only as an instructor but also with the privilege of being a school owner training under the legacy of Grandmaster Choi, learning even more about this masterpiece of an art Choi Kwang Do. Choi Kwang Do is a very special art indeed, not only for its highly enjoyable and addictive techniques that give you an absolute thirst for wanting to learn more with the hope of mastering it bit by bit over time but for the way in which in my experience it brings people together. CKD has led me on a path to make a number of great friends, great role ....

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  • Grandmaster Choi UK Summer Martial Arts Workshop!

    School owners martial arts and self defence training with Grandmaster Choi himself at the weekend was awesome. We learnt a lot of great techniques from the man himself. Invaluable training session at the UK 2019 Summer Workshop. Covering finer details for all Instructors like Stances, Sequential Body Movement, Health benefits, Punches, Blocks, Kicks and philosophy behind the art. Will be putting this into action in the syllabus at our Choi Kwang Do school at Stanley Primary SChool in Teddington #choikwangdo #ckd #teddington #hamptonhill #hampton #twickenham #whitton #martialarts #inspired #awesome ....

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  • The Four Foundation Stances of Choi Kwang Do!

    The Four Foundation Stances of Choi Kwang Do!

    From White Belt in Choi Kwang Do martial arts we begin to learn the process of developing the four foundation stances in Choi Kwang Do! These stances appear in all of our patterns and techniques and here they are in seperate descriptions accompanied by a photo of Grand Master Choi demonstrating them! Keep up the hard work with your self defence training! Pil Seung! ....

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  • Flexibility - Warming up the Joints!

    Flexibility - Warming up the Joints!

    Here are a few tips I use about Warming Up
    with Flexibility
    in mind for each and every session to get the body prepared for a good stretch! This is a ‘ head to toe
    ’ warm up for the joints to prepare your body for a stretch, albeit a 15 minute or even a 2 hour stretch! I always repeat every stretch and least twice. 1. NECK
    -head looking down to the ground, up to the ceiling. -head looking to the left, to the the right. -head looking 45 degrees to the left with left hand gently pull chin to chest, repeat 45 degrees to the right. -neck rotations start chin to chest slowly rotate in semi circle to the back, return to the front, rotate opposite side, return to front. 2. ....

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  • Self Defence Classes FREE Trial for International Women’s Day 2019!

    Self Defence Classes FREE Trial for International Women’s Day 2019!

    To celebrate International Women’s Day
    our Martial Arts school is offering Free trial classes to women of the local Teddington, Twickenham, Whitton, Hampton Hill and Hampton area. Our mixed adult classes have already become extremely popular with our predominantly female members as it is all too important to have strong self defence skills and awareness in the current climate of the city/suburbs we live in. Our Martial Arts techniques teach you not only how to strike but also how to deal with attackers over powering you with strangulations, grabs and potential knife attacks also. Our classes are run in a very empowering, confidence building
    and friendly manner that allow you to ....

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  • Adults Martial Arts Classes Near Me!

    Adults Martial Arts Classes Near Me!

    Nigel and Nicole doing a fantastic job of learning and continually developing their Yellow Belt Self Defence Skills
    focusing on the Rear Dynamic Stance for effective Blocking. Great work guys. Pil Seung! Our Adult Martial Arts Classes cover the areas of Teddington, Twickenham, Hampton Hill, Hampton, Whitton and Surrounding Areas! ....

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