Flexibility - Warming up the Joints!

Flexibility - Warming up the Joints!

Here are a few tips I use about Warming Up with Flexibility in mind for each and every session to get the body prepared for a good stretch!

This is a ‘head to toe’ warm up for the joints to prepare your body for a stretch, albeit a 15 minute or even a 2 hour stretch! I always repeat every stretch and least twice.


-head looking down to the ground, up to the ceiling.

-head looking to the left, to the the right.

-head looking 45 degrees to the left with left hand gently pull chin to chest, repeat 45 degrees to the right.

-neck rotations start chin to chest slowly rotate in semi circle to the back, return to the front, rotate opposite side, return to front.


-arm rotations fowards, arm rotations backwards.

-shoulder shrugs forwards, shrugs backwards.


-elbow rotations inwards, elbow rotations outwards.


-wrist rotations inwards, wrist rotations outwards.


-trunk rotations (imagine holding book and rotating trunk side to side) at least 6-8 times.

-good mornings, with soft knees bowing forwards and returning at least 6-8 times.

-side lean, feet shoulder width, both hands by side, lean to the left and let head go with it, lean to the right.


-hip rotations clockwise big circles, hip rotations counter clockwise.


-knee rotations, feet together, hands on knees, rotate knees in circle to the right, rotate to the left 6-8 times each way.


- raise right leg in air, rotate ankle clockwise 6-8 times, then counter clockwise, repeat other leg.


This joint WarmUp should take approx 5 mins and have you primed for a Fantastic Stretching session so that you have your joints safely prepared for the big stretch!

Our sessions at Clarke School of Choi Kwang Do in Teddington have a warm up stretch and cool down stretch in each and every class! Come join us for some self defence/martial arts classes!

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