Teddington Self Defence Classes Just Got Better!

What a fantastic start we have had to the start of Clarke School of Choi Kwang Do opening its doors in July! Our Martial Arts school teaches Self Defence Classes to local residents in Teddington, Hampton Hill, Hampton, Whitton and Twickenham.

We teach Martial Arts in a very motivated and fun way so that you feel 100% confident in taking on the challenge of learning how to fight and giving you the skills to successfully be able to defend yourself should you ever need it.

Learning Martial Arts is not just about being able to fight but also about improving fitness, confidence and even making new friends whilst burning a few calories learning some cool Martial Arts techniques. Getting a Black Belt for most people is a long held dream but by joining our Adult classes for men, women and teenagers that dream is a very realistic reality!

After the summer season our Children's classes will take effect at our Martial Arts school at Stanley Primary School in Teddington giving kids the chance to have the highest quality Self Defence tuition while achieving the Black Belt status through regular training.

We are very pleased with the new members that have subscribed to our school already and the doors are very much open with a warm welcome to other students wishing to join our growing team!


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