Adult Classes now open July 2nd 2018!

With our adult martial art/self defence classes officially launched on 2nd July 2018 our school is off to a fantastic start! Stanley Primary School in Teddington is a perfect modern location for our adult as well as our children's class launching on 5th September 2018!

Our classes are run for women, men, teens and children and are designed to give Confidence, Fitness and Self Defence fighting skills to the local residents of Teddington, Twickenham, Hampton Hill, Hampton and Whitton.

When deciding which class is right for you such as MMA, Taekwondo, Krav Maga or Karate then we are confident you will find all that you are looking for in a modern martial art such as Choi Kwang Do. It will give you all the elements you need to feel confident to look after yourself should the situation ever arise. Martial Arts is not just about learning to fight but it is also about perseverance of the mind and learning to stick at something and achieve as in life you will have various obstacles but with the same kind of patience you can earn your black belt in anything you set your mind to, but having an internationally recognised Black Belt in a modern fighting system is also a pretty cool thing to have and feel confident about too. At Clarke School of Choi Kwang Do you will get that confidence and that Black Belt just by being determined and trying bit by bit.

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